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Looking for an alternative to the “big guys”?

Look no further! Get the some of the same benefits of our competitors at less than half the price!

The Review Generator is a low cost alternative to the more expensive reputation management companies out there. We want to give small businesses a fighting chance when it comes to reviews.

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The main goal of this program is to get legitimate reviews for your business from your actual customers. This is done with a review request email campaign.

You are given access to a form that sends your customers emails and/or text messages asking for feedback.

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screenshot of the negative review form the customer sees

If a customer is unhappy with the goods or services you’ve provided and choose a negative rating, they are shown a contact form and their feedback gets sent directly to you, reducing the amount of negative reviews posted online.

Use this as an opportunity to address the issues the customer may have had and turn them into a raving fan.

We have a very small team but we’re dedicated to helping our customers. We want to see all businesses succeed so we will do all we can to help out.

We get as excited as you do when you get a new review!

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