Custom Landing Page

Drive customers to leave reviews with your own unique page.

Completely Customize Your Customers’ Experience

We give you your own landing page to customize to help convert your customers into positive reviews.

From text to images and logo, this page is your own platform to engaging with your customers.

custom review landing page

Hit Your Customers’ Emotions

You know your customers the best which is why we give you a bunch of different options to appeal to them.

You can choose the traditional 5-star method or try out hearts instead.

Not getting the right results with the 5 options? Try using thumbs up/thumbs down or smiley faces.

We’re here every step of the way to make sure you’re getting the reviews you deserve, so let us know if you need help!

segmenting layouts

Add Social Links or a Discount Offer

Want to display link to your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page? We’ve included a special social links bar that can take be display on your landing page to grow your social following.

Think a coupon will entice your customers? Attach an offer to your landing page to thank your customers for visiting and attempting to leave a review.

social media and offers

Let’s Get You More Reviews

If you’re ready to get started, let’s go! Get in touch with us today or just dive right in and start your free trial!