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Free Review Resources from Google & More!

A good review is hard to come by. That’s why it’s so important to use every resource you can to get one. Sure, you can ask for a review (and that often works best!) but it can be hard to remember or make your employees do it. Distraction is a huge factor — your customers […]

Local Listings and Reviews

It’s not strange to wonder what local listings have to do with reviews. It turns out they have more to do with each other than you thought. Local listings describe your business online profile carrying details like business name, address, phone number, and more. You can create your business local listing on any online directory […]

fake reviews

Fed Up With Fake Google Reviews? Learn How to Deal

You work so hard to build a solid online reputation only to discover you might have to deal with fake negative reviews that threaten to disrupt your hard work. It can be quite the task. Fake Google reviews are not hard to find on Google because anyone can create a Google account and leave a […]

resturaunt reviews

Importance of Online Reviews for a Restaurant

Running a restaurant is no small task. From the bustling kitchen to satisfying clients with both their food and excellent customer service, to also managing a reputation and trying to gain positive reviews. It is hectic. With all of this, the last thing your restaurant needs is a negative review or a bad reputation that […]

google business photos

Google My Business Photos

“A picture tells a thousand words” they say but we sometimes think this refers to a drawing of Mona Lisa or some other interesting piece. The thing is, any picture can speak and the loudest of them all are the pictures that represent your business–in this case your Google My Business photos! Before the questions […]

Do Home Service Companies Need Reviews?

It’s hard to think of any business which does not need reviews in this day and age. Reviews drive customers’ decisions and tell them the truth about your business. The home service industry is no different. If anything, reviews are vital to the success of your home service business. The home service industry is extremely […]

google review answer questions

Can Google Reviews Answer Customers’ Questions?

Customers love to ask questions before they place all their trust, time, and money on any service or product. In the past, customers would have to contact you directly for answers and this gives you a chance to win them over. Now, with review sites and Google My Business listings, other customers, strangers, and trolls […]

Do Retail Locations Need to Worry About Reviews?

It’s easy to believe that as a retailer, you shouldn’t have to worry about online reviews. After all, the products should already speak for themselves and all clients have to do is make a purchase. You may even believe a physical location should get by without a strong online presence. As a company with so […]

Are Reviews Important In The Wedding Industry?

Weddings are blissful, beautiful, and joyful. When you are a business owner in this industry, there are several things you could do from event planning to making wedding dresses, photography, catering, and more. None of these services come cheap. Thus it means that for couples and families to place hundreds of dollars in your hands […]