Get More Facebook Reviews

facebook reviewsFacebook is a social media platform no doubt, but in the last decade, it has evolved to something much more. Several businesses have established their online presence with a Facebook page and can now reach their audience where they are.

Getting reviews on such a thriving platform provides several benefits for your business. For starters, a wide range of your target audience becomes easy to communicate with on a personal level. Most Facebook users check for reliable businesses on Facebook to make purchases from. Hence, Facebook reviews help your potential clients make purchasing decisions and impact your reputation.

How can clients leave reviews on Facebook?

As a business owner, your Facebook page must be a Facebook business page. Aside from making your business look professional, it allows the platform to offer you various tools to maximize your page. To leave a review, clients will head over to the page and find the Review button. They will click on this prompt and the other that follows to be able to leave a rating and write comments. Clients also have some control over who can see the review, and this they can adjust with a globe icon in this review page. They can submit the review and it shows on your business page.

The magic steps to getting the reviews in

Learning how clients can leave a review helps you point them in the right direction but it doesn’t solve the problem of how to get them to that point in the first place. It’s good to know it won’t be easy to convince clients to give a review. Yes, this is ironic because when it comes to liking a friend’s post, leaving a comment, or even leaving a bad review, people hardly need convincing.

  • Always ask and show the way.
  • Don’t expect clients to leave reviews on their own. While some might do this, the majority need a nudge. Send clients a thank you email or message with a reminder to leave a review. Also include the direct link to your Facebook page.

  • Use call to actions
  • Facebook posts are a chance to remind your audience of leaving reviews to express their experience with your service or product. Include CTAs in your post.

  • Use your local office
  • If you have a local office or physical location set up signs to encourage your clients to check-in and/or Facebook reviews.

  • Offer incentives
  • With this step, it is important to be careful. Incentives can take various forms but never make it look like an exchange for check-in or review. For example, don’t tell a client that you would give them some extra service only if they leave a review. Rather, offer your best service or a quality product, a discount, an upgrade, or something along with what the client purchases. This ensures the client’s happiness and makes it easier to ask for a review and check-ins.

  • Respond to the reviews you do get
  • Facebook makes it easy to respond in an engaging yet professional manner to client reviews because it is a social media platform. Responding to both positive and negative reviews encourages clients.