How to Get Free Google Reviews

free google reviewsGoogle rules the world! Well, not literally the world, but the online world, we all know it’s true. Research has proven that Google currently outpaces all other review platforms like Yelp and Facebook in terms of online reviews. The stats read that 64% of customers say they have to check Google reviews for a business before using it. Another 21% say Google is vital to their search for local businesses.

Google reviews do a lot of things for your business. They impact visibility, conversion, leads, reputation, relevance, and more. Customers trust what other customers say. They also want to know if your business moves slowly or fast. Fast means that people love your service so naturally, you attract a crowd, they would want to get in there. Slow means you are barely getting by and they can be hesitant to do business with such perceptions.

To get free, consistent, and many positive reviews on Google, you must take action.

The first thing to know is that clients who want to leave a negative review need no encouragement to do so. In fact, they can search for your review page themselves. But those with great experiences are usually too relaxed and reluctant. They should always be your focus.

  • ASK!
  • Clients won’t read your mind you have to ask them to leave great reviews. Create messages that are short and clear and can persuade your customers to spare a few seconds for a review. Use a few emails so you can track the one with more success and build this campaign around that one.

  • Make it easy for your customers by creating your Google review link. Rather than expecting clients to go through an arduous process of finding your review page, create a link that takes them straight there. Make the link an easy to remember one. This comes in handy when you need to tell your customer to leave a review in person or on the phone.

  • Everyone that works for you or with you should be educated on asking for Google reviews once they complete a job. Empower them with the right pitch.

  • If you won’t even acknowledge the few that leave a review, why should anyone else bother? Responding to existing reviews increase the likelihood of getting more reviews by 12%.

  • This one is simple and expected of you. Happier clients don’t make it awkward when you ask for Google reviews. Create a ‘wow’ moment for clients during the work process to make them excited about telling people how great you are. The best part is, asking these excited customers for reviews is easy. Sometimes you don’t even need a template.

If a customer seems unsatisfied, try to work it out. If they don’t tell you but leave a negative review, respond accordingly with professionalism and politeness. Be sure to mention that you love to satisfy your clients as long as they can inform you of their issues. Offer to do so now if you like.