Creative Responses to Positive Reviews

Reviews are unavoidable in business. You need them to grow and show potential clients you are trustworthy. Reviews are how clients speak to each other and they contribute to a new customer’s decision on whether or not to use your services.

There are several resources that speak on how to handle negative reviews in a business, but you can’t find many on how to respond to the positive ones. For most business owners responding to the negative reviews is vital because of the bad effects they can have on your business. This is fine. However, it is equally important to pay attention to your responses to positive reviews.

Avoiding generic responses to positive reviews on your business is important because it shows engagement and concern on your part. Here are some creative responses to help you be more impactful.

Mention the name of the employee.
If your business is one that allows individual services, you can spice up your response by mentioning the name of the employee who worked directly with the client. For example, you can respond with

“Thank you for your feedback. We are glad James provided a satisfactory service.”

Talk about the specific service provided to the client
Not only is this relevant for a creative response, but it is also a great way to advertise your services more. If you can mention what you did for the customer, others with similar needs may feel more comfortable coming to you. So, you can have a response like this:

“It was wonderful organizing your anniversary party. Thank you!”

Respond to the negatives within the positive review
Experience will show you that a five-star review doesn’t always guarantee positive comments. Some customers will say only a few kind words and finish with some opinions that seem negative.

“The service was wonderful but slow and this seemed a little unprofessional.”

This customer has left a five-star rating with some mildly damaging words about your service. The good news is that you can salvage the situation by addressing the con in the review rather than just saying “Thanks” or some other generic response.

“We are glad you enjoyed our services. We are also working on employing more staff and purchasing sophisticated equipment to make our service one of the fastest in the industry. We hope to see you again soon and do recommend us to your friends and family.”

Review them too!
Perception has a lot to do with how most business owners take reviews. Your response doesn’t always have to be directly aimed at further advertising. You can review the client too. Talk about their manners and ability to communicate clearly. For example:

“It was great working with Susan. She was communicative and clear about what she needed. She also provided the details required to offer her a thorough service.”

Mention an ongoing or future promotion
A response to a positive review is a good opportunity to bring up a future promotion or an ongoing one. You can thank the customer and remind them to come back for the special discount or sale.

The team at The Review Generator can help with advice on how to respond to your reviews. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!