Improving Customer Experience Will Drive Revenue

Each one of us is a customer to other services we do not offer. So, with that being said, can you remember the last time you were pleased with your interaction with a company? Did this make you want to buy more and tell others? How about when you had a bad experience with a company?

If anything, customers tend to remember when they had either a good or a bad experience with a business. When customers have an ‘okay’ experience, they tend to forget all about that. However, only distinctly good and bad experiences stick in their mind. There are several reasons why it is important to improve your customer experience and various ways to do it. But to help you understand better, we will define the term and give clear examples of customer experience.

What is Customer Experience?

Quite simply, customer experience is the impression you leave with a customer and it results in what they think of your business, service, or product. Customer experience which is often known in the business industry as CX is consistent. It matters across all stages of your business and the touchpoints between your brand and a consumer.

Examples of Customer Experience

Imagine a client walked into your local store to purchase a cup of coffee. The customer interacts with staff, likes the setup of your store, buys her coffee and leaves smiling. The client obviously had a good customer experience and will probably stop by tomorrow.

Now, picture another scenario where a customer walks in and is put off by one of the employees. It could be the employee was too slow, rude, or incompetent. This upsets the customer who storms out angrily and heads for another store. In some cases, the customer might still make a purchase because they need the item, but it is clear they had a bad experience and will not be coming back.

The Implication and Solution

If a customer had a good experience they become loyal and tell others about you. However, if a customer had a bad experience, they would never return. It is also important to know displeased customers tell more people about their bad experience than pleased customers. You can see that by giving one customer less satisfaction, you have created a hole in your pocket. The more unsatisfied clients you have, the bigger the hole gets.

To avoid losing revenue, it is necessary to improve customer experience. You can start by measuring the current state of CX in your business. Perform surveys to ask clients what they like, dislike, and their satisfaction rate. As soon as you can figure out the areas your business is lacking, you can fix it.

Determine your customer’s journey map with your business. Improve the key touchpoints to improve customer experience. This includes areas such as customer inquiries, new communication channels, faster service, digital solutions, competitive prices, higher quality, perks, and much more.

Encourage customers to give feedback, so you can confirm the effectiveness of your strategies.

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