responding to negative reviews

How to Respond to Negative Online Reviews

A bad review is something no one wants to see. It is upsetting and has the wrong effects on your business. New customers may get the wrong idea and your ratings may fall giving your competitors an edge. The problem is negative reviews are inescapable. Now and then they appear suddenly, giving you a scare.

Ignoring negative reviews hoping they can get buried under positive ones is not the solution. Rather it damages your online reputation more. Read on to learn the professional ways to respond to negative online reviews.

  • Take the calm approach
    We recognize that negative reviews can be upsetting enough to make you tempted to lash out at your client. The effects of such an action can be almost irreversible. The first step to responding to negative reviews is to take a calm approach. If possible, read the review and try to forget it for a few hours. By the time you are ready to respond, your annoyance would have been reduced. This helps you think with a clear and constructive mind.
  • Do it as quick as possible
    Negative reviews are like a red flag in the middle of the road; they stand out! If the customer felt it was necessary to drop a negative public review, then you must show you are equally active in your business. Respond within 24-48 hours to show other customers you care.
  • Take responsibility
    It is important to know Negative reviews have two sides; it’s either the customer is being impossible or was truly dissatisfied with the service. Regardless of which it is, you must take responsibility for the review. Show you can be accountable for your actions or services. However, don’t run down yourself or your brand, add dignity to your response. A good example of this is:

    “I’m sorry to learn about your dissatisfaction. We always aim to provide exceptional service and this is why most clients love us. We will work on getting it right next time. Thank you.”

  • Politeness is key
    Yes, bad reviews can sound like a personal insult and some customers take it to extreme levels with their words. One of the ways to overcome this negative feedback is with politeness. Be civil in your response and refer to the cause of the problem rather than the unsavory statements.
  • Offer to correct the issue
    Don’t just stop at the polite response to the review. Offer to make it up to the customer by giving a free service or going for a do-over. Usually, such clients do not take the free offers, but the aim is to show that you are willing to please and correct your mistakes. Future customers need to see this.
  • Ask for a second opinion
    Negative reviews can be tricky too. Sometimes a few seemingly harsh words may read differently to you than someone else. Give the reviews to another employee or a friend to read and tell you what they think it means. This can influence your response.

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