fun ways to ask for reviews

5 Fun Ways to Ask For Reviews

Customer feedback does several things for your business and here’s a few of them

  • It shows what customers are thinking about your business- are they happy or not?
  • It gives you a clear view of what you need to do more or improve on.
  • It reels in or discourages new clients.

In a nutshell, customer reviews can make or break your good business. Some clients will leave a review without you asking. Others need you to ask them first and another group will make you work extra hard for their feedback.

When you are a business owner in a saturated marketplace with competitors doing what you do, you know you need to up your game to rustle up about 90% of good reviews. This means you can’t sit back and depend on your generic feedback form, you have to get creative without raising any flags on your business.

From us to you, here are fun ways to ask for reviews. Get started now and thank us later!

  1. Come a little closer than business
    If you are a book lover and you purchased a book from a specific store where the attendant there made you feel right at home, you won’t think twice when the same attendant politely asks you to say some nice words about their store.

    It’s the same with every customer. Adding a personal touch to your relationship lightens things up and makes it easier for you to ask for a review. If your business is one that allows you to get really close to your customers, then you are in luck. An example of this can be an event decorator or photographer. However, if you are not this lucky, then you must maximize other methods like giving your clients’ attention and showing genuine interest in their satisfaction.

  2. Do a good deed
    When someone goes out of their way to do something nice, it’s almost human nature to feel you owe them. Hence, when they need something you can provide, most kind-hearted individuals are happy to oblige.

    As a business owner looking to garner up to 90% of positive customer reviews, do some good and free deed for your clients. Be strategic about this and do it long before the request for a review comes up.

  3. Be on the lookout for a show of satisfaction
    It’s not every day a customer compliments your service, but when they do, grab this opportunity to ask for a review or public feedback of their satisfaction. It makes asking less awkward and you are confident the client will leave only positive feedback.
  4. Put it in a gift
    We are not saying bribe your way into a business review. We are saying make this a part of your operations. Attach a gift to your service delivery and include a note that asks politely and lightly for a review. It is important not to make it seem as though the gift is in exchange for their feedback.
  5. Be funny
    Start by getting a read on the customer’s feelings. Do they seem pleased or dissatisfied? If the former is the case, then add some humor when asking for the review. Make it clear you are asking for a positive review, but place focus on the fun part.